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Global Cultural Exchange

Global Cultural Exchange is a Colorado company that connects University students from around the world with local employers in Colorado. All students come to America on a J-1 visa program run by the U.S. State Department. If you have a need for high quality, dependable, well -educated seasonal employees, you should talk to us. We make it easy!

Great employees
You need reliable employees who will do a great job and do their work with pride. We understand that as your employees, they must speak English very well, and have a good attitude and work ethic. We get it, and we do all we can to assure it. All of our exchange employees are current students at top International Universities. The employees that we provide are very thankful to have gotten the job and will work with great pride!

Yes, they speak English
You can specify the level of English skill required for your positions. We only provide students with good speaking skills. In most cases, you and your customers will be able to converse with our students just as you would with any other local employee. In many cases the students are University students who major in English.

We are different!
We're local. We're not sitting in a large corporate office located in some distant city. We understand the needs of local business owners. In fact, we cater to local business owners. To us, you're not “just some small hotel somewhere in Colorado,” you're real people, with real businesses, with real needs.

We want to have a long term relationship with you, and your business, and will do our utmost to earn your trust and confidence.

No cost to you!
Not only do you incur no costs at all, you save taxes. The students working here on a J-1 visa are treated just like any other employee. You pay no fees at all to participate in this program, yet you reap the benefits!

Careful screening of students
The students are thoroughly screened using these steps:

1. The University interviews the student and gives them an English proficiency test.
2. The local agency interviews them , evaluating their attitude and skills.
3. Global Cultural Exchange conducts video Skype interview with each candidate.
4. We offer you the option of interviewing the student, as well.
5. While in their home country, the students receive training by former program participants on what to expect once they are in America. We find that this step is very beneficial as their expectations will more closely match the reality that they find upon arrival.

We make it easy
We take care of all of the paperwork. You just fill in one simple form with basic employer information and we'll take it from there.

We assist the students in getting their visas, and their social security cards.

We meet the students at the airport and transport them to your place of work.

We are here year round. If issues should arise at any time, we will come to your business and meet with the student to explain the problem and resolve the issue to your satisfaction.

We can supply housing
In resort locations such as Estes Park that does not have many choices in low-cost housing, Global Cultural Exchange can provide the seasonal housing, if needed. Of course, if you prefer to provide your own housing, you can do so.

Change a student's life!
When students from other countries live and work in America they learn about our culture, and we in turn learn about theirs. An exchange experience becomes a life-changing experience for them. And when they return home, with their excellent work and English skills, their careers can really take off!

We have a special connection to Chinese students
While we provide employees from many countries from throughout the world, we specialize in students from China. We have very close ties with our sister company in China. For more details about our Chinese partner company, click here.

We look forward to discussing your seasonal employment needs with you! Just let us know and we can come by your place of business to discuss your needs and our offerings in person.

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